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7 Lessons from Senator Saraki Saga

Written by yashuaib

Bukola-Saraki7 Lessons from Senator Bukola Saraki Saga
1. Never abandoned 1st Love (Family, Party, Friend)
2. Known Enemies are better (managed) than unproven allies (Leadership/followers)
3. Never sacrifice resources/energy in politics for a return on investment
4. Victory through corrupt (electoral) process doesn’t prevent anti-corruption war crusade from beneficiaries
5. The Anti-Corruption War is turn-by-turn, other politicians to be arraigned
6. Most Nigerian politicians are ‘nakedly’ corrupt, one should belong to the right cabal to avoid prosecution
7. It is better to disclose the bitter truth & damn the consequence like how funds were raised to fund election victory

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Yushau A. Shuaib is an award winning public relation professional. He is popularly called Idiagbon during his university days, He has distinguished himself with several credible awards in the field of public relations. Notable amongst them are Campus Writer of the year, Alhaji Sabo Mohammed Best Student in Public Relations, Delta State NYSC Merit Award, Automatic Scholarship for the Best Corps Writer, Head of State National NYSC Honours Award, NIPR Public Relations Person of the year in Kano/Jigawa State and the Young Achiever of the year from a Business, among others

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