Another Video of Massive Rigging by Under-aged in Nigeria

April 2011 Election rigging in nigeria

When a woman was first shown in a video of rigging during the April 2011 election in a southern state in Nigeria which is accessible from this link: Election Rigging in Southern Nigeria another video has emerged of another disturbing massive rigging by under-age (children) in a northern state of Nigeria. While some amount of money were giving to the poor riggers, women and children mostly, in the presence of electoral officers include youth corps members, it is difficult to determine how the judiciary would handle the case of those massive riggings.
[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lVcIFa8Wdgw] So far more video recording, some amateurish because of they were recorded by mobile phones, are being circulated.

Can we still describe the elections as free and fair in the face of the unfolding developments?

That is Nigeria and Nigerians for you: the more you see the less you understand. If we allow the politicians to have their ways we must ensure that we don’t loss our sense of reasoning to love ourselves regardless of our social, political and religious background.

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Yushau Shuaib


  • The riggers are the same almajiri who where attacking the youth corps members. What a bizzare coincidence!

  • Who should we blame: the almajiris, electorate, election officials or political leaders? Nigeria has never hold any election not even the so-called recent credible free and fair election

  • If there is any lesson we learn from the Nigerian 2011 elections is the fact that foreigners from Republic of Niger and Chad were prevented from voting in Nigerian elections thereby giving majority to the States in the Northern Nigeria. Since that old rigging did not work, States in the Northern Nigeria decided to use under age children to make up what they lost from bringing foreign illegal voters. With time, Nigeria will one day conduct a credible a election.

  • Ezekiel, Unless you are blind to realise that the young riggers were voting for PDP of Jonathan goodluck of the South not the North. Cant you see?

  • cancel the fucking elections. there were none. gej will have legitimacy problems for as long as he is there based on this so called election

  • some people have their minds permamently in the sand. do you think almajiris are a preserve of only one party? is it not money they will give them? prejudice will kill you

  • YAShuaib, Just visited your web site its now more enriched colourful and bold in content and you expressed your views fearlessly and convincingly. Kudos

  • @Arinze…Some people are just blind. Cant you see that the young chap are voting continuously for PDP as they were arguing in Hausa that nothing concern them if the PDP agent will give them more money

  • When we ask for wisdom in prayers, we should pray that diligently to know how to use it when we now have it. First this is a stage managed rigging video for the benefit of those who want to soil the MASSIVE support that GEJ got. For those who just jumped into conclusion, you are not exhibiting sound judgement.

    1) A video of this nature will not be allowed to be filmed at all. No not of any party during the rigging process. They will destroy what ever you use to record.

    2)When any bad news/message is being broadcast, first find out who stands to benefit from the consequence of the broadcast. It is usually the rival. Recall the case of Idomie noddles containing poison and that some children had died from it? As soon as fingers pointed to Dangote’s own brand of noddles, the destructive campaigned ceased.

    3)I am aware that parties printed SAMPLE voting stubs for “training” of their illitrate voters.

    Goodluck Jonathan won fair and square. We all should be matured to accept that fact. That he is neither of our stock or religion does not mean that “truth” should be stood on its head. Nigeria needs to move forward and do away with all these Pull Him down (Phd) sydrome.

  • People deserve very good life time and or small business loan will make it better. Just because people’s freedom is grounded on money.

  • Electoral rigging and malpractices would for ever haunt Nigerian leaders who manipulate the system for their selfish interest. Revolution is on the way by revolutionery youths.

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