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Re: Words Of Passages

Reading your (Mr. Lasisi Olagunju, News Editor) poetic dirge “Words of Passages” I really feel very sympathetic with you and the entire family over the great loss of your father. Like an orphan, the tremor of losing one’s parents could be very painful especially when the bereaved person recalls the inspirational guidance and parental love received during their life time. From all indications – the words in the piece that flutter subconsciously depict the close attachment between the writer and the late father.

It is easy to discern the attributes of parents from the comportment and accomplishments of their offsprings. The way and manner Mr. Olagunju Jnr. handles his schedule as News Editor of the widely read Nigeria Tribune titles and with his regular Friday column “My View,” testify to the fact that he has a good upbringing founded on humility, amiability, godliness, uprightness and sound journalistic judgement. These qualities no doubt can be credited to late Pa Olagunju Snr.

While I join other numerous admirers of Mr. Olagunju to wish our Papa eternal rest in Aljanat Firdausi, I also pray that those of us whose parents are just nearing sixty would see them live beyond octogenarian ages, which Papa had successfully exceeded. Congratulations for being a worthy son and long life to all of you left behind. Please accept our sympathy.

This ‘Letter to the Editor’ by Yushau A. Shuaib was originally published in Nigerian Tribune July 5, 2002


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