Next Elections: Everybody to his-Tent?

General Muhammad Buhari of CPC

The incorruptible General Muhammad Buhari of the Congress for Progressive Change (CPC) has every reason to weep when he narrates many disappointments in the course of pursuing his ambition and litany of problems bedeviling Nigeria as a democratic nation. He talks on the ills in the education and healthcare sectors, epileptic electricity supply, unemployment, corruption among others. One worrisome development in the polity now is the Everyone-to-His-Tent campaigns of some candidates and their political parties.

The desperation of the politicians is so glaring that the-do-or-die pattern could be witnessed in the next election going by some reckless campaigns on sentiments that are daily being expressed flagrantly on the broadcast stations, billboards and advertisements in newspapers.

Political campaigns are not only laced with falsehood , some candidates also colour the politicking with ethnic, religious, and regional sentiments. Muslims- for-Muslims, Christians-for-Christians, South-for-South and North-for-North. This is very very unfortunate.

Some mischief makers have tactically recruited in to their fold innocent victims who are unconsciously used to spread the campaigns of calumny with offensive text and email messages either Muslims against Christian or Christianity against Islam.

To worsen the scenario some of our traditional rulers and religious leaders are publicly portrayed as campaigning for one of the Presidential candidates for the next Saturday’s Presidential election. Some newspapers were paid to carry some of the parochial and unfortunate adverts in their media which invariably put some important personalities in danger of backlash.

As more desperate politicians spend public funds for their campaigns while other capitalise on goodwill, we should all vote on the dictate of our consciousness. And if the environment is dangerous for such, then everybody should truly go back to his or her tents.

If the politicians succeed in instigating everybody-to-his-tent doctrine, then the ordinary citizens should use their gumption to deal squarely with the situation before the enemies of united Nigeria plunge the nation into another sad story of the past.

WE should not allow politicians to use us against our brothers and sisters from different backgrounds. Lets use our senses rather than emotion in reading the writing on the wall.


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Yushau Shuaib


  • Thank you Yusha’u, but I am really surprised that it is now that you are knowing this. In as far Nigerian politicians are concerned, politics is about bread and butter. It is never about development. But they are not alone, they have active support from the traditional rulers. The question is, for how long this will continue? Only God and time will tell. But for sure it will one day stop!!

  • These are not patriotic tears! It has become obvious to the General that his time is up at age 69 – he either wins now or quit trying- it is this simple reality that is making him cry. I don’t see any reason why somebody’s pastime will be to insult some individuals. Take it or leave it, all these people parading themselves as candidates do not have our interest at heart and I say this without any reservations. I like how one Al Jazeera’s correspondents puts it; “Politics is a lucrative business in Nigeria”. Hence, nobody should come and fool Nigerians with the personal and selfish tears.

  • If only wishes of Nigeria and their dreams could come to reality, Mohammed Buhari could easily be the President that the majority of the people yearn for

  • Buhari weeps over nation’s problems is not too strange. Many have wept and will continue to weep over the bad government and systems we have in the country. Until an honest leaders, in the mould of buhari is gotten we will forever remain where we are.

  • Most of our leaders are corrupt and hypocrite whose intention in vying for any position is to just corner the nation’s resources for sharing between them and their families. Thinking about that is enough to make one cry. On the religious and cultural sentiment in the ongoing election, nigeria should open their eyes before they are hoodwink. May God save our country

  • Nigeria is a vast nation with aboundant human and natural resources. it is so sad that an average Nigeria is suffering from the basic nessesity of life i.e Health care, Pipe borne water, Education , Road, Power and overall security of lives and property. its regrettable that the last hope of a common man and nigerians perticularly in the Northern part of Nigeria where poverty is as standstill like IROKO TREE is the Amiable Gentle,uncorruptable, sincere,trust worthy,Kind hearted MUHAMMADU BUHARI whom the massess supported like swams of bees in the recent election where Nigerians prayer and aspiration where denied by some prominent n our society that we respect for the Turban they have round thier head, its unfortunate and what ever you plant you shall ripe it, Good or Bad.Allah is surely seen everthing and to him we all return.

  • it only few of nigerian politicial are not corrupt that is why they dont want general to be they at aso as a president of nig.

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