A Video of Successful Election Rigger in Nigeria

[youtube=] This is the mobile video recording of shameful massive rigging by a voter for a candidate in River State.
Similar videos are being churned out, though amateurish but say a lot about election rigging in Nigeria in the April 2011.

INEC Nigeria Ballot Box

The questions that need answers are:
a. Who is the person?
b. Who is the candidate/politician being voted for?
c. Which area of River State the incident took place?
d. Who give the suspect huge volume of ballot paper?
e. Where are the INEC officials and Security agencies?
f. Is the NYSC corps member an accomplice in the rigging?
g. What should be ther fate of that election?

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Yushau Shuaib


  • No matter the situation on today’s election, political riggers will still have their day. up nigeria!!!

  • Doubting if anything can change in Nigeria. If the rigging woman is in an abject poverty, then there is nothing that could be done than to symphatise with her condition

  • With a million Naira many Nigerians could do the same. We shouldnt be hypoctritical. Only God knows if she has money for school and feeding of our children. A reason some married women go into prostitution

  • no matter how poverty-stricken she mite be, rigging is not d solution instead, it hs worsen her situation,,,,she has ended up destroying her life, her children’s life, her children chilldren…..even till d 10th generation, so thumbs up! to her.

  • d more i watch dis, d more it angers me….y were people watching without raising alarm & how come d corp members were unsuspecting, or was security not tite dere????? dis woman is crazy!!!

  • This is the most amazing vedio i have have ever seen in my life. How do we judge the electoral process in NIGERIA??????

  • We dont need soothsayers to tell us what happened in most states where there were incredible paper- turn out of election result

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